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Shipping Containers

Spray Foam Shipping Containers

Spray foam insulation and shipping containers is the best match since peanut butter and jelly. They work together to make one of the most energy efficent contained space ever.

Recently shipping containers are becoming more and more popular in building energy efficient homes, camps, mobile offices and storm shelters. Aside from the long time use of transporting goods as well as storage facilities.

Before spray foam, these container would get either way to cold or extremely hot. Moisture was also a huge problem when trying to store or transport goods. Now thanks to the advance in spray foam insulations you can solve all these problems with once simple solution….. Spray Foam Insulation.

Spray Foam Offers Full Insulation

Foam Sprayers’ has successfully foamed over 350 shipping containers over the past two years and has the training and experience to ensure your project is a success as well.

We apply on average a 2 inch layer of closed cell spray foam insulation to the inside of the containers to promote a full seal. Once cured the foam will offer full insulation value, flame retard and moisture barrier to protect any and everything you could possible think of.

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