• Underground Car Parks

    Spray Foam Insulation for effective fire proof protection to car parks and helps eliminate condensation.

  • Shipping Containers

    Providing effective fire proof insulation to shipping containers and helps eliminate condensation.

  • Marine Boats

    Providing warmth, moisture and fire proof insulation to all boats and helps eliminate condensation.

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Commercial BASF Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation for car parks, farm buildings, shipping containers and boats.

Spray foam insulation for all commercial businesses.

Our commercial spray foam insulation systems are the perfect answer for small, medium and large sized firms looking for a competitive advantage in their insulating needs. Our insulating spray foam systems are versatile, and have many uses and applications for business and industry.

We help businesses achieve efficiency using environmentally responsible products that save money and reduce operating costs. Spray foam insulation is used to solve complex insulating problems in a variety of settings. From walls and roofs; to tanks, pipes, and machinery.

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  • Car Parks – spray foam insulation provides effective fire proof and moisture insulation to underground car parks.
  • Marine – spray foam insulation provides effective warmth, moisture and fire proof insulation to boats and vessels.
  • Farms – spray foam insulation provides effective fire proof and moisture insulation to farms and out buildings.
  • Roofing – spray foam insulation provides effective fire proof and moisture insulation to all commercial and residential roofs.
  • Containers – spray foam insulation provides effective fire proof and moisture insulation to all shipping containers.

Spray Foam Insulation provides effective warmth, moisture and fire proof protection to walls, ceilings and roofs.

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Commercial Spray Foam Application

Our spray foam is applied directly to the breathable roofing membrane between timber rafters in tiled or slated pitched roofs. It can be applied to all wood, metal cladding and metal roofs.

BASF spray foam has a measured water vapour permeability and won’t compromise the performance of any breathable membrane. Spray Foam won’t dry out timbers and it minimises unwanted air leakage and air infiltration.

Roof diagram showing our breathable underlay

1. BASF insulation to achieve target U-value.

2. Vapour control layer.

3. Plasterboard and skim.

4. Unventilated air space.

5. Returned to insulated cavity stop at head of wall.

6. Breathable roof tile underlay.

Spray Foam Insulation

Features and Benefits of Spray Foam

  • Energy efficiency – the continuous spray leaves a minimal amount of surface area without insulation resulting in some cases, a 30% decrease in thermal transmission and an airtight building envelope of low permeability without the need for supplementary material.
  • Sustainability – sustainable over the life span of the building, Spray Foam can even prolong the buildings life as it protects against premature deterioration of building materials.
  • Design freedom – Spray Foam provides complete design freedom as the spray foam adapts to the shape of the substrate. The product is self-adhesive and stays fully bonded to the substrate, preventing any possible detachment, common with other types of insulation.
  • Occupier comfort – for building occupiers, Spray Foam makes a significant contribution to a comfortable indoor climate by creating a draft free environment that prevents the infiltration of pollutants, toxins and allergens.
  • Reliability – Spray Foam is only installed by trained professionals approved by BASF in the UK.

We also offer Elastospray® LWP

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Spray Foam Walls


BASF closed cell spray foam insulation creates a complete seal that stops air and moisture infiltration. It drastically reduces your energy bills, strengthens your building, protects inhabitants from dangerous mold and allergens and provides an unmatched level of comfort in your living space. Our spray foam has an aged R-value of 6.3 per one inch thickness.

Roof Spray Foam


40% of energy is lost through air exchange and improper sealing of the building envelope. Heating and cooling account for approximately 56% of the energy used in a typical commercial building. Spray foam insulation completely seals the building envelope to stop conditioned indoor air from escaping and unconditioned cold or hot (in the summer) air from entering the building.

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation


Our spray foam insulation is becoming a standard in commercial buildings as people begin to see the benefits of spray foam for themselves. We recognise the superior qualities of spray foam insulation and the rising costs of energy and green building initiatives have brought the best of the best building materials to the forefront, and for spray foam, the results speak for themselves.

Shipping Container

Spray Foam Offers Full Insulation

Foam Sprayers’ has successfully foamed over 350 commercial businesses over the past two years and has the training and experience to ensure your project is a success as well.

We apply on average a 2 inch layer of closed cell spray foam insulation to promote a full seal. The foam will offer a protective barrier from fire and moisture.

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